How to Add RAID Drivers to Your LSMC Installation

LSMC has been updated to support RAID and Intel RST. The most recent Intel RST drivers are built-in and will install automatically, however some RAID configurations may not be detected and will require you to copy the proper drivers before booting into the LSMC setup.

This guide will show you how to copy RAID drivers to your bootable LSMC media so that they are detected and installed during the LSMC setup.

1.) After you have created your bootable USB flash drive containing LSMC, open the Windows file explorer and navigate to the drive letter that corresponds to the flash drive containing LSMC. E: is is shown in the image below, however the drive letter may vary. 

2.) Open the contents of the flash drive and navigate to the folder named “copy_drivers_here”

3.) Copy the RAID drivers to this directory. The drivers must be extracted and also contain the .inf file. You cannot create another folder containing the drivers within this folder. All driver files must be in the root of the “copy_drivers_here” directory. Below shows an example of how properly placed driver files would look for a Dell Perc RAID controller.

4.) That is all you have to do. Boot into the LSMC setup on the computer you wish to use it on and the drivers placed in that directory will be auto-loaded upon entering the LSMC setup.