LSMC Personal Plus

OS Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit)
Download: LSMC v6.2

LSMC Personal Plus

LSMC Personal LSMC Personal Plus LSMC Professional

LSMC Personal LSMC Personal Plus LSMC Professional

LSMC Personal LSMC Personal Plus LSMC Professional

The Key Benefits of LSMC Personal Plus

LSMC Personal Plus is one step up from the Personal version of LSMC that we offer for free. It includes a very exciting feature that will appeal to those that are locked out of a Microsoft account, which is the ability to convert your Microsoft Account to a local account. This will give you the ability to reset the password on that account the same as you would with a local account.

As seen in the free version of LSMC Personal, the only option to overcome a locked out Microsoft account is to create a new local account and then manually go through the computer, grab your documents, pictures, OneDrive, etc and copy it to the new account. This can be time consuming, and some users might not even be aware of how to find their old files.

LSMC Personal Plus makes it very easy to convert your Microsoft Account and reset its password. This is the perfect solution for those who are locked out of their Microsoft account and need to access their data fast. A video tutorial is available below to outline how to use this feature.

Purchase a Product Key for LSMC Personal Plus

The cost of a product key for LSMC Personal Plus is only $4.99. If you need to use LSMC Personal Plus on more than 1 computer, we recommend that you take a look at LSMC Professional. It contains the features of LSMC Personal Plus, and can be used on an unlimited number of computers.

When you purchase a product key there is no need to download a separate version of LSMC. If you have already downloaded and created an LSMC bootable flash drive, then you can continue using it with your new product key on any computer you wish. 

*LSMC Personal Plus License Keys are non-refundable. If you have any concerns prior to purchasing, we recommend that you first download LSMC and install the Lite version to ensure that LSMC is the right solution for you.

How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password - Using LSMC Personal Plus to Convert Your Microsoft Account to a Local Account


All variations of LSMC are included within the same download, and do not require any additional files.
The version is determined by your product key.

LSMC Version Comparison

Download LSMC

LSMC v6.2 - Click here to download



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Converting Your MS Account to a Local Account
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