RMTechCentral.com was created in April of 2018 by Robert Mayer. Originally intended to be a collection of tutorials and "how to" guides, it has since transformed into the home of LSMC - The Ultimate Windows Unlocker Tool, among many other things.

We provide services such as Windows account unlocking, data recovery, and general computer repair. We accept computers from all over the US and have an extremely quick turn-around time. To receive a quote to have your computer repaired, please use the Contact Form and provide us the details.

We also provide cloud storage and media hosting solutions as well. Currently, these services are limited to select customers however we expect to expand in the near future.


- Behind the Scenes -

The equipment and servers used to host rmtechcentral.com and it's services are running and maintained locally; we do not anticipate migrating to "the cloud" any time in the near future.

The image below shows part of our production infrastructure used to bring these services to you, as well as this website.




The links below outline a few of the services we offer...



A safe place for all your data



All your media in one place, accessible anywhere



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