LSMC - Login Screen Management Console

A Powerful Utility to Reset Your Windows Password, Manage Accounts and Convert Microsoft Cloud Accounts


Creating Your LSMC Bootable Flash Drive
Converting Your MS Account to a Local Account
Adding RAID Drivers to LSMC
Uninstalling LSMC
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*This free download is for use on one computer only. A file including a "one time use" product key can be found in the download, or via this link.
If you want to use LSMC for more than personal use, or on additional computers, you must purchase a license key for LSMC Professional.

Don't have access to another computer to create your LSMC flash drive? Contact us for a price to order a flash drive with LSMC pre-loaded.


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All variations of LSMC are included within the same download, and do not require any additional files.
The version is determined by your product key.

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Get LSMC Free for Personal Use

To obtain a free "one time use" product key for LSMC is simple!

All you have to do is Subscribe on YouTube, then click Here to receive your LSMC "one time use" key.

*This product key is only valid to use LSMC on one computer. If you would like to use LSMC on more than one computer, scroll down for additional information on purchasing a license for LSMC Professional. The professional version will allow for unlimited use on as many computers as you would like.

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Many hours have been invested into the creation of LSMC. If you had success with the program and would like to show your support by sending a small contribution, you can do so by clicking the link below. 

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Using LSMC On More Than One Computer

If you wish to use LSMC for commercial purposes or for personal use on multiple computers, you can purchase a product key that will allow for an unlimited number of installations. See below if you are interested in purchasing a license for LSMC Professional or CLICK HERE to learn more.

Purchase a Product Key for LSMC Professional

The cost of a product key for LSMC Professional is only $19.99. When you purchase a product key there is no need to download a separate version of LSMC. If you have already downloaded and created a LSMC bootable flash drive, then you can continue using it with your new product key on any computer you wish.   

*LSMC Professional License Keys are non-refundable. If you have any concerns prior to purchasing, we recommend that you first download LSMC and install the Lite version to ensure that LSMC is the right solution for you.


How to Reset Microsoft Account Passwords Using LSMC

This is a paid feature that is included with LSMC Personal Plus and LSMC Professional. Both of these versions are capable of converting your Microsoft Account to a local account, allowing you to reset the password.

Download LSMC

LSMC v6.2
LSMC v6.2 for 32-Bit/Legacy Systems (Use this if your CPU is not 64-bit)
LSMC v6.2 for Bitlocker Encrypted Drives


02/16/2020 - Added a feature named SOS, which creates a local administrator account that can be used a last resort method to access your computer in the event that LSMC fails to run correctly. More information can be found in the READ ME file included with the download.
09/09/2019 - LSMC will now boot Windows with a minimal set of services (safe mode) to ensure that third-party programs such as anti-virus, etc will not hinder its ability to run. The option to add a password to LSMC has been depreciated due to the recommendation that LSMC be uninstalled after use.
08/02/2019 - Many changes... All for the better!
03/02/2019 - Added prompts to alert users if their new password does not meet certain password complexity requirements. Also added the option to open advanced user account settings for users running Windows 7/10 Professional.
02/18/2019 - This update contains additional features for LSMC Personal Plus and LSMC Professional users, such as the ability to enable the built-in Administrator account on an offline OS without requiring you to fully install LSMC. The biggest feature made available in this release is the ability to reset the password on a Microsoft Account by first converting it to a local account. This is a BIG improvement over the previous release which had an option to automatically merge your locked-out MS Account with a new account, but no ability to reset the password on the MS Account itself.
02/02/2019 - Various bug fixes; Added LSMC Personal Plus functionality. LSMC includes the option to automatically merge your Microsoft account files to a new local user account for LSMC Pro and Personal Plus users.         
11/05/2018 - The latest Windows 10 update broke LSMC completely. We have fixed the issue, and this update is hot off the press to get everything back on track!
7/26/2018 - Too many things to make mention of right now... Major under the hood overhaul, and all for the better!
7/08/2018 - Minor bug fixes, added option for users to set their own password to secure LSMC from unauthorized users, implemented a "check system" to alert users of issues during installation and also if there is an issue with failed password resets on MS accounts that the user may have otherwise been unaware of.
7/03/2018 - Added support for RAID and Intel RST (This mostly applies to advanced users as far as RAID goes, but if your storage is configured for Intel RST, which some computers are by default, this would prevent LSMC from detecting your hard drive, but you don't have to worry because Intel RST support is automatically applied.)
5/24/2018 - Added support for Windows 7