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The Basics of a LAN and How Ethernet Switching Works

A LAN is simply a collection of devices constrained within a localized area. More specifically, in the context of 802.3 (Ethernet), the term LAN would be used to define any network using Ethernet for communication. We can also include wireless (802.11) into this as well. Ethernet switches play the biggest role in today‚Äôs LANs, and…
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Routing Loops | Mutual Redistribution | Route Tagging | Cisco

In this video I show a sample topology where I have intentionally created a routing loop (waiting to happen) by redistributing iBGP into OSPF and OSPF into iBGP at multiple points in the network. I explain how, why and also show how to tag redistributed routes to prevent such a situation.

IKEv2/IPSec Client to Site VPN Configuration | Cisco IOS | Cisco AnyConnect

In this video I show how to configure a client to site IKEv2/IPSec tunnel on a Cisco ISR router using Certificates for authentication, as well as configuring Cisco AnyConnect on the client PC.

Simple VPLS Configuration | LDP Signaling | Cisco | Service Provider

In this video I will walk you through configuring a very simple VPLS lab using 3 provider routers and 3 customer edge routers.

Implementing a Multiple ISP Configuration Using VRFs & MP-BGP

There are a few different ways you can implement provider redundancy in your network. You could terminate all ISPs into a single router using traditional ip sla + track. You could terminate the ISP connections on different routers, or even have a router per ISP – a 1:1 ISP to router ratio. The last method…
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Cisco EVN (Easy Virtual Network) Overview and Configuration | CCNP

Cisco EVN is a convenient way to trunk multiple sub-interfaces between routers when each sub-interface needs to be in its own VRF. Instead of taking the time to configure each sub-interface individually, EVN significantly reduces this network virtualization configuration by using VNET Trunks.

BGP Default Route Advertisement | 3 Ways to Advertise a Default Route Into BGP on a Cisco Router

Confused as to how to redistribute a default route into BGP? I know, in most IGPs this is accomplished with “default-information originate”, however BGP is a little different. This video will show you the 3 different ways to advertise a default route into BGP on a Cisco router and the difference between each of them.

802.1Q Tunneling (Q-in-Q) | Brief Overview and Sample Configuration

In the video I briefly touch on the concepts of Q-in-Q as well as provide a sample configuration.

Cisco ASA Firewall Active/Standby Failover Configuration

In this video I show how to configure a pair of Cisco ASA firewalls for Active/Standby Failover.

What Is Proxy ARP? | Proxy ARP Example

What Is Proxy ARP? I hope to answer that for you in this short video!