Quieting 1U Rackmount Equipment with Arctic S4028-6K Fans

Quieting 1U Rackmount Equipment with Arctic S4028-6K Fans

Most rackmount equipment can be quite noisy, especially 1U variants, which occupy one unit of vertical space in a standard rack enclosure. Normally, this equipment is found in a datacenter or an isolated network closet where noise isn’t an issue. However, in certain scenarios, noise becomes a significant concern, especially if the equipment is used in a homelab, or needs to be placed in a less than ideal location.

It seems that the most popular modification is to swap out the stock fans with silent Noctua fans. This mod has worked well in the past using 60mm and larger fans. However, when it comes to some 1U servers, switches, routers, etc., the 40mm Noctua fans just don’t seem to be up to the task. Don’t get me wrong, the Noctua fans are nearly completely silent, but that silence comes at a cost – less airflow.

That’s where the Arctic S4028-6K fans come in. While they might not be as quiet as Noctua fans, the trade-off between noise and airflow makes the Arctic S4028-6K something to consider as the next best option, especially when temperatures are on the rise due to the Noctua NF-A4x20 not moving enough air. Though the Arctic fans are not silent, they are significantly quieter than the stock fans in most 1U equipment. Unless you are in an environment that has zero tolerance for noise, I think you will find these fans impressive. Watch the video to learn more!

Arctic S4028-6K


Arctic S4028-6K (5-Pack)

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