Month: June 2021

Implementing a Multiple ISP Configuration Using VRFs & MP-BGP

There are a few different ways you can implement provider redundancy in your network. You could terminate all ISPs into a single router using traditional ip sla + track. You could terminate the ISP connections on different routers, or even have a router per ISP – a 1:1 ISP to router ratio. The last method…
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Cisco EVN (Easy Virtual Network) Overview and Configuration | CCNP

Cisco EVN is a convenient way to trunk multiple sub-interfaces between routers when each sub-interface needs to be in its own VRF. Instead of taking the time to configure each sub-interface individually, EVN significantly reduces this network virtualization configuration by using VNET Trunks.

BGP Default Route Advertisement | 3 Ways to Advertise a Default Route Into BGP on a Cisco Router

Confused about how to redistribute a default route into BGP? I know, in most IGPs this is accomplished with “default-information originate”, however BGP is a little different. This video will show you the 3 different ways to advertise a default route into BGP on a Cisco router, and the difference between each of them.