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How To Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone Using iTunes on a Windows PC

Anyone who has owned an iPhone for any period of time knows that most, if not all things have to be done a very specific way – “the Apple way”; ringtones are no exception. Creating custom ringtones and placing them on an iPhone is not quite as simple as it is for Android, but we’re…
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How Upload Bandwidth/Latency Can Affect Download Speed

Part of what makes TCP so great is that it guarantees reliable transport for data transmissions. It does this by verifying that all of the data was received before more data is sent. This verification is accomplished by the receiver sending acknowledgments (ACKs) to the sender. In the event of a timeout, the sender will…
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Bits vs Bytes

Just remember… there are 8 bits in a byte, 8 kilobits in a kilobyte, 8 megabits in a megabyte, etc. Now go share this information with someone you love!

How VPN Tunneling Works | Generic Example | Remote User VPN

There are many “styles” of VPNs that exist, but the fundamentals of how everything works is basically the same. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network will essentially create an overlay network on top of an existing network fabric. Sometimes the existing network is the internet, but that’s not always the case, it could also be…
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Why Change the IP MTU on GRE Interfaces?

If fragmentation occurs at the physical interface instead of the GRE tunnel interface, then we could end up with fragmented GRE packets. These fragments would need to be dealt with by the router on the other end of the tunnel; this could degrade network performance. By modifying the IP MTU on the GRE tunnel itself, fragmentation…
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Spanning Tree Protocol – Portfast Interface Behavior

What happens when you connect two switches together with “spanning-tree portfast” interfaces? I’ll give you a hint… Interfaces configured as “portfast”, or “switchport host” still send BPDUs… Watch the video below to learn more.

Route Summarization and the Route to Null0

Implementing a route to NULL0 is a well-known method for dropping traffic headed somewhere you don’t want it to go, or… a location that doesn’t exist!

APC Smart UPS 2200VA (SUA2200RM2U) Battery Replacement

Replacing the batteries in the APC 2200 Rackmount Smart UPS is something you can do yourself with a little bit of patience. The battery pack is HEAVY, so please practice proper lifting techniques to protect the vertebra, discs, and muscles that support the spine.

2 Ways to Make Windows 11 Look and Feel More Like Windows 10

This guide shows how to change the right-click context menu in Windows 11 back to what you’re used to in Windows 10, as well as relocate the start button back to the left side of the taskbar.

The Basics of a LAN and How Ethernet Switching Works

A LAN is simply a collection of devices constrained within a localized area. More specifically, in the context of 802.3 (Ethernet), the term LAN would be used to define any network using Ethernet for communication. We can also include wireless (802.11) into this as well. Ethernet switches play the biggest role in today’s LANs, and…
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